Sally K. Palaian, Ph.D.
Sally Palaian offers individual and couples psychotherapy in her office in Bingham
Farms, Michigan as well as telephone and Skype sessions.  

Sally is the developer of
Love Builder, an iPhone and Android application that creates
opportunities for couples to work together to improve their relationship.  

Sally is also the author of
Spent:  Break the Buying Obsession and Discover Your True
(2009).  This book is a tested, step-by-step guide to help people break the
spending obsession - by looking within.

For individuals, Sally treats symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, panic
attacks, money/spending issues and eating disorders.  Depending on the symptoms to
be treated, her methods may include traditional psychotherapy, EMDR and life
& financial coaching.

For couples, Sally utilizes many different marriage-counseling techniques and is a
certified Imago relationship Therapist, a proven technique with a high success rate.
Serving individuals and couples in Bingham Farms, Michigan  sally@sallypalaian.com
30400 Telegraph, Suite 331
Bingham Farms, Michigan  48025
(248) 645-5960  
Couples Counseling and Therapy
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