Money Matters Counseling
Sally K. Palaian, Ph.D.
One need go no further than the headlines to know that finance and money issues are on
many people’s minds right now.

Sally Palaian, the author of Spent: Break the Buying Obsession and Discover Your True
Worth has been counseling individuals, couples, coaches, financial planners and
psychotherapists on the treatment of money management issues for over 20 years.

    Sally specializes in:

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The good news is there is a Next.  If you are ready to retire from a career, what's next
could be a span of years equal to your entire working life.  That’s way too much time to
fill with 24x7 leisure time.  That's why they invented sabbaticals!  And this is way too
much time to approach without preparation.  

    Join the longevity revolution!  Thanks to medical advances, people can expect to
live longer lives into their 90’s and beyond.  How will you find the answers to make these
bonus years more vibrant and meaningful to you?  By examining key issues, such as
money, wellness, career, community service, leisure and entrepreneurship, you will
design a Life Plan filled with possibilities for your second half of life.
Through Lifestyle Planning Counseling, you’ll be motivated to take action immediately.  Sally’s counseling is based
on the philosophy from the book,
Too Young to Retire: 101 Ways to Start the Rest of Your Life by Howard and Marika
Stone.   You will design a path to your future and address issues like:

  •  You want to transition your life but don’t know how?
  •  You feel stuck in the same routine?
  •  You are going through additional changes like a divorce or layoff?
  •  You are bored today in your retirement and need a second career?

Explore the meaning of retirement, particularly:   What will change?  Who will I be?  What will I do?  Will I matter?
After examining your beliefs, values, and strengths you will create an action plan for living your unique life path.  

    Sally is a 2young2retire certified facilitator and loves to help people carve out authentic lives through exploring
    the following aspects of life:  

  •  Money -- The unresolved issues that could be holding you back
  •  Work -- Reworking work: how much, when, where
  •  101 Cool Business Ideas to Spark Your Imagination
  •  Volunteering -- The value of giving back
  •  Wellness -- The key to all the other possibilities
  •  Leisure vs. work or volunteering -- Getting the balance right

For more information, please contact Sally at (248)645-5960, or email at  
Lifestyle Planning Counseling